For UltraViolet Uforia, music has always been a force of change and opportunity! 

They now take a turn in a different direction expanding on the electronic roots that have always been a driving passion for Steve and Michael. After a two year hiatus working on material and stripping the band down to just the two of them, they are back with an even cleaner tighter sound causing the creative juices to surge. 

For several years building a library of improvisational live shows and dynamic studio material using a variety of musicians to achieve their end means, they honed skills for long jams and improvisational melody building, allowing them to take others on inter-dimensional aural trips reaching those rare peaks that every musician strives for in musical mysticism when the music begins to play itself. 

Longing for the early days* and now having the technology to do so, they decided to move into the realm of psychedelic techno/electronica. While they like to play more structured traditional song formats, their forte is improvisation, especially "space" where it can seem like you are listening to a movie in your mind. 

Bringing into the future their catalog of material reproducing it in a different format that they hope followers of uVu will appreciate and embrace it along with the new unexplored territories that they will traverse together. 

Please enjoy the new website and send thoughts on the music!! 

*early days - Steve and Michael were always doing something musically from the time they became friends in the late 70's. Steve's family had a piano and Steve had taken piano lessons, while Michael's family had an organ, but he had no formal keyboard training. (More about musical background could go here....) 

In the early 80's New Wave hit with bands like Depeche Mode and UltraVox. Michael was turning Steve on to these electronic & techno/industrial dance bands. Having already discovered ambient electronic music like Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis, the two were eager to explore the edgier groups like The Cure and even Bauhaus. 

Steve and Michael shared an apartment in the early/mid 80's where using pots and pans and glasses filled with water to achieve their weird brand of music was how it all began for them, whether they knew it at the time or not. Using a 4 track tape machine to record songs, they put together their very first recording called Aftermath (Unreleased). This was mostly produced using a Casio keyboard and guitars. 

At some point they had acquired the use of an Arp 2600 from which a couple of spectacular pieces were produced. (Unreleased) 

A few years later they would again come together in a house in Ballard where Steve was doing sound for a band, which provided access to use the studio the band had put together in the basement of this wonderful old three story house. Again a few songs were put down that have never been officially released, but marked the beginnings of uVu's endeavors into electronic music. Using a Casio sampler and a digital delay produced some remarkable results, becoming the catapult for the future.

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