New album released!

UltraViolet Uforia is excited to announce the latest album for 2015 "Altered State" is now available for purchase and download at various vendors on the web such as,, and on iTunes.

The highly anticipated new release is a collection of improvisational pieces done in the studio and showcases the bands ability to make up psychedelic electronic jams on the spot. They hope you are as excited about these new songs as they are!

One fan has described the music as EBM or Electronic Body Music, other fans are saying that this is great music for driving or working out. Edgy, Trancy, Jamtronica.

Some exciting things are happening to uVu as Michael has gone back to some of his roots and started to DJ again or mix electronic dance music using digital means rather than old school turntables. Lately Michael likes to mix a few songs and then leave a beat going while he and Steve go into an electronic jam session and then bring back in a few more mixes and well you get the idea...while Steve is having fun adding drum backbeats and using virtual synths to augment the mixes.

Check out Pictures for the latest images of our first Black Light Party and know that uVu could play a party for you. Go to Booking to get details or Contact to send an email.

uVu always loves to hear feedback from the people about the music. Please go to the Contact page and leave them an email. Don't forget to check out the videos on Youtube or Facebook.

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